Unicorn Lashes: Royals Brushes Review

I’ve been looking into blogging and fashion/beauty promotion for a while now as it’s something that has always grasped my interest and let’s be honest I really need a hobby so I can stop spending my life scrolling pointlessly through Twitter & Instagram. This is something I’ve ummed and arred about for a long time now so I’m rather nervous about how this is going to turn out. Can I actually do it? Will I even be any decent at it? Who knows unless I give it a try right? So here we go…


My first post is going to be about the BEAUTIFUL Unicorn Lashes, Royale Brushes. I pre-ordered these when I first heard they were bringing out a new range, all I saw was “black”, “rose gold” and “unicorns” and I was sold. I had to wait 2 months for them to be dispatched so this was a real exciting thing to see waiting for me when I got home from work on Thursday.

First off WOW, the packaging! As you can see they really are packaging queens, it comes in a beautiful box captioned “You have unicorn mail” across the side. As soon as I opened it I wanted to cry with excitement at the amazing art work and overall design and effort they had went through to make these brushes look perfect! I also love the fact you get a case with the brushes as mine are forever being ruined by just being thrown around in my make-up bag and these I will be wanting to take really good care of. If that isn’t enough to fall in love they also give you a list on the flip side of the image listing what each brush can be used for, personally I will probably switch this up a bit but I think for all the make up newbies this could actually come in really handy when it comes to blending and applying your make-up.

What are they like?

I’ve seen reviews of people saying the regret buying them and I can’t see why that would be, personally I love them. I’ll definitely be recommending them to anyone looking to buy decent brushes and not break the bank by doing so. Not only do they apply amazingly, they blend really well too especially the eye brushes. After only using them once I have already decided which my favourite and least favourite brushes are, my favourite is definitely “H.R Sovereign” which I used for applying depth into my crease. I didn’t get on quite so well with “Define Devine” which states for it’s best used for powder/cream contour but that’s probably because I’m not usually a brush kind of girl when it comes to face make-up, I most definitely prefer my beauty blenders especially when it comes to contouring. I feel if I used a powder contour then this could probably work a lot better but mostly that’s probably down to personal preference.

So let’s get to the interesting part… are they worth the money?

I happened to get mine in the pre-sale for £50, I’m not actually too sure how much they are after the pre-sale ends as they haven’t changed their website yet so if you’re quick you may still be able to grab them at this price! Many people will think ‘jheeze that’s expensive for some brushes’ but when you take into account that it works out to £5 per brush and you look at how pretty they are it’s really not all that bad right?

Something to take into account if you’re thinking of buying yourself these: I read a lot of reviews about them being really flimsy at the ends, I think it will definitely depend on where you prefer to hold your brushes as to how well you get on with these ones. I hold my brushes rather high up so to me the thin ends aren’t an issue (knowing my luck after saying this I’ll end up accidentally snapping one and being completely heartbroken).

My look: I was so excited to be able to first use these brushes on a day I could theme my eye shadow (Paddy’s Day), I’m still getting the grips of this whole cut crease shebang but just by the depth I managed to get in my crease these put my old real techniques brushes to shame. Also WOW at the fan brush, usually I have to layer my highlight and rarely does it show in selfies but one stroke and I’m glowing like a unicorn myself! (p.s. I’m aware my eyebrows are in need of some TLC) Also if anybody wants to know what products I’ve used to create this look then feel free to contact me, but if all goes well I’ll most probably be doing reviews on them also.


I realise that this was a bit of a long winded review, I’ll try make my next ones shorter so if you’ve made it to this point you are a lil babe. Any suggestions/feedback on this post or how to get myself noticed would be real kind too because as my title states, I really do not have a clue what I’m doing here.

Gurl bye,

Courtney x


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