Me and my sister Anna decided to do the no mirror makeup challenge for my Youtube channel…

Go and have a watch to see how we got on!

Thanks for all your support in growing myself to be where I want to be

Cya later,

Courtney x

New Content & My Youtube Channel

Hey guys, it’s been a while but as you all know by now because I say it every single time I post I’m a real busy body so have rarely anytime to write anymore *cries*

HOWEVER, my Youtube channel has officially kickstarted!


I have a new video posted yesterday (CLICK ME, CLICK ME) I brought myself a brand new camera, lighting, stuff for content and so on… I will be posting more on there and my beauty Instagram from now on. I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to the summer, I’m currently following & subscribing to all beauty related accounts that follow/subscribe to me also.

If theres any specific looks/videos you would like me to create then don’t hesitate to drop me some comments or an ask over on my curious cat page


Courtney x

New In Favourites @thefashionhaus


Hey guys so this is just gonna be a short snappy post on some new items at the brand I am an ambassador for!

They’ve got some proper purdy things up at the moment and I’m crying at how poor I am.

Lace Choker Bodysuit £21
Lace Up Ribbed Bardot £20
Mesh Overlay T-shirt Shift Dress (also available in black) £20






These are just a few of my favourite items that I wish I could wear/could afford to buy. As soon as my money comes in I’m in much need of some retail therapy and can see a few of these items hitting my wardrobe!

They’re an amazing little brand and their stuff is brilliant quality. I’ve had a lot of small online stores where I’ve received items and they’ve been easily ripped or they look great on the site and when you receive it, what was meant to be a full black bodysuit may as well be mesh it’s that see-through! I can assure you that will not happen when ordering from here!

Taking inspiration from the likes of Kylie & Kendall Jenner, Charlotte Crosby and many TOWIE cast members they’re range knows all the tips to keeping up with whats on trend so take a look and treat yourself♡

Don’t forget to use my discount code ‘Courtney10’ at checkout for 10% off your order, every item featured in this post is linked in the caption to save yourselves searching through the whole website😊

Happy shopping,

Courtney xx

Dear make up newbies,

As you all know make-up artistry is becoming a really big part of our generation and has been growing rapidly, bringing in a massive following through multiple social media platforms. So here’s some tips for those of you wanting to get into make-up/progress in your make-up skills.

  1. Don’t head straight in with the big expensive brands

You don’t want to be splashing out £40+ on a palette that you can’t get the hang of, drug stores are everywhere and if you know what shades you’re looking for you’ll notice a lot of places sell dupes. Superdrug is always a great place to look for cheap but also decent quality brands (MUA and Makeup Revolution being two very popular examples of this).

  1. Beauty blenders – A make-up bag must have!

Cant get to grips with blending out your contour with a brush? Unsure of how to apply foundation to get a more even coverage? A damp beauty blender is enough to solve all of this and you can pick them up cheap, mine cost me £3 from Boots and I can’t live without it!

  1. Less can be more

Not everyone can pull off these cut creases and bright green lips. Trust me, those that can probably wish they could pull off the more natural look themselves. So rock those nude lip shades and soft brown eye shadows, and forget about what’s “trendy” in the make-up world.

  1. Just because it works for them, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you…

Tutorials are ways in which many people can learn how to apply/blend/learn all different make up techniques. However, don’t be disheartened just because your favourite YouTuber’s styles don’t work for you. Everyone has their own techniques and styles, practice all different ones and stick with what you know and are comfortable with.

  1. Finally, practice does make perfect

Let’s be honest here you’re not gonna be the next MUA after only a few attempts, it takes these people years to be able to perfect their style. So like everything else practice makes perfect. All good things don’t occur instantly, these things take time and most importantly HAVE FUN WITH IT.

My makeup a year ago vs my makeup now

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above are a few of my recent make up looks, as you can clearly see practice does help and I am far from being perfect still but maybe one day. A great tip is just finding what works for you in terms of products, brushes and application.

Hope this helps and have fun pretties,

Love Court x

I don’t know how to be girly…

Hi guys,

This post is a little late but I’ve been super busy with work and travelling backwards and forwards. I’m going to try to get 2 posts up a week but you’ll have to bare with me if ones a little late. I’m a busy little bee so my apologies.

This post is about how I’m entirely unsure on how to dress for my gender and not look like I’m trying. Ever since I was old enough to start picking out my own clothes I’ve never particularly been one to dress in a girly way. In school I’d always get called a lesbian just because of how I dressed and the thing is I’d love to be able to but I just feel like I can’t pull it off. I always look at girls walking around in cute little dresses and outfits, forever wishing I could get away with it.

I like trainers, shirts, band tees all the comfy clothes. It probably doesn’t help that I get cold stupidly easily too so I suppose this has made me adapt into having my own style. I enjoy big baggy shirts and even if I do decide to wear a dress it’s usually the norm for me to shove one on over the top/round the waist.

Sitting on a fake turtle last year at London Zoo in my classic shirt round the waist look

It’s only the past year that I’ve felt comfortable enough to go on a night out in a outfit without a shirt included, even then I still turn to my friends like “yeah but it looks good together” and will be told to leave it behind. All these photos is bringing me onto my next point. I want to start documenting my outfits more, so I need some pointers on how to have your photo taken and not look like a complete awkward toe. I suppose maybe I’m not that confident in front of the camera but honestly what am I meant to do with my face? (I can’t smile without looking like I’m in pain so it’s just not an option for me). Those that follow me on Instagram will notice theres only 1 full body shot of me where I’m not covering my face (shown below), ultimately I hate this photo yet can’t bring myself to delete it at the same time because it’s one of my most liked on there.

I suppose I’m getting slightly better but I still find myself stuck between wanting to be girly and just shoving jeans, a hoody and a pair of vans on. This year I’m making it a goal of mine to try and ‘girlify’ myself and my wardrobe. Any tips would be great, especially on this how to take a full body photo thing because I’m starting to hate not documenting my outfits just because I can’t pose properly.

Thanks for reading,

Courtney x