Me and my sister Anna decided to do the no mirror makeup challenge for my Youtube channel…

Go and have a watch to see how we got on!

Thanks for all your support in growing myself to be where I want to be

Cya later,

Courtney x

New Content & My Youtube Channel

Hey guys, it’s been a while but as you all know by now because I say it every single time I post I’m a real busy body so have rarely anytime to write anymore *cries*

HOWEVER, my Youtube channel has officially kickstarted!


I have a new video posted yesterday (CLICK ME, CLICK ME) I brought myself a brand new camera, lighting, stuff for content and so on… I will be posting more on there and my beauty Instagram from now on. I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to the summer, I’m currently following & subscribing to all beauty related accounts that follow/subscribe to me also.

If theres any specific looks/videos you would like me to create then don’t hesitate to drop me some comments or an ask over on my curious cat page


Courtney x

Painless hair removal in seconds!

So the other day when I was at the National Pet Show a lady at a stall pulled me over to show me this product and I have never been sold something so fast in my life.

I’ve always been sceptical of these fast hair removal products and this one really did sell itself…

This is what you get in a pack, 2 different sized holding pads and 4 replacement pads for each holding pad. I was told each one lasts 3 months which (if this is true) is unbelievable and this product will be the best £20 you’ll spend this year. It can be used on any body hair and even stubble, when I tried it on stubble it did hurt however.

All you have to do is stick a replacement pad onto the holding pad and rub across hair in a circular motion with slight pressure and speed. I used my boyfriends arm as an example for a before and after photo as my body hair is very light and isn’t easily photographed.

Honestly this took 10 seconds for this tiny patch which is nothing considering it bald and rediculously soft!

About the painless thing, one thing I do have to mention though is that if you have sensitive skin like I do try not to press too hard because I ended up with one of my arms burning for the remainder of the day. As you can see below my arm was a little red, but hairless nonetheless.

Apart from the slight friction burn this is one of the best hair removal products I’ve ever come across, usually they all claim to be painless and aren’t which is enough to resort me back to shaving. I have been swayed with this one. go get your own ladies you won’t be disappointed😊


Making the product a thousand times better for all us furry friend lovers, NO animal testing!

Hope you enjoyed this post, a little different from my others but I had to mention this because I bet there’s a million people out there like me who hate shaving.


Courtney x

(This is a review and my genuine opinions, I am not working in collaboration with the company just thought I’d throw that out there also)